What a Mom Looks Like


What do you picture when you hear the word, “mom?” Perhaps you picture yourself or the mom you wished you resembled a bit more. Well, today I’m happy to share exactly what a mom looks like.

A mom is black, and she is white, and she is brown. And she thinks a lot about her appearance, or she doesn’t think about it hardly at all.

She has beautiful, effortless, wavy hair, and she has been wearing an unwashed bun for a week. She hasn’t had a professional hair cut in… who knows how long, and she makes time to get her hair professionally braided regularly.

Her outfit is very particular. She exclusively wears leggings and flowing t-shirts and blouses even if she isn’t working out. She would never be caught wearing leggings as pants. She has given up underwire bras, and she has the sexiest, new lingerie. She hasn’t worn a dress in months, and she loves to dress up. She can’t afford new clothing, so she’s making what she has work.

She wears makeup everyday because she doesn’t feel like herself without it. She has embraced the no makeup trend because she believes there is beauty in every wrinkle and puffy eye. She wishes she wore makeup more but simply doesn’t have time to apply.

She will not give up her heels; she wore them even when she was pregnant. And she tried to wear heels after a nine-month hiatus, but her balance is off and feet are no longer the same size anyhow. Flats it is.

Her skin is inked in artwork, and the only tattoo she has is that of her c-section scar.

She easily lost the baby weight yet is uncomfortable in her new skin. With a few extra pounds since pre-baby, she has happily embraced her curves.

She looks tired and doesn’t seem to smile much. Somehow her eyes have no dark circles beneath them, and she looks well-rested and happy. She looks like she could use some sleep, but her smile is brighter than anyone else’s.

She is beautiful, and she knows it. She hasn’t felt pretty in years.