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Three Years Later: Is the Pandemic Forever a Part of Us?

Three years.  It’s been three years since we hoarded toilet paper, sanitized groceries, made masks from scraps of cloth, and stayed inside to stay safe. One...

I Want A Divorce But I Am Afraid To Get One

I want a divorce but I am afraid to get one. I am very unclear about being "in love," like what that truly means....

Welcome, Our Second Pandemic Baby

I had our first child, a son, two weeks before the world shut down. I did not know the term “pandemic baby” or “COVID”...

Hanging on to Hope: A Pre-teen’s Journey Through Suicide Ideation

Tears stained her chubby, rose-colored cheeks and she gasped for air, as she struggled to catch her breath. I grabbed my eleven-year-old daughter and...

A New Pandemic Love Language

Leave it to a global pandemic to alter what we consider fundamental and comprehensive truth. In his book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman...

Teachers Are Exhausted

Here is where I would compose the extremely creative introductory paragraph with a good hook. But due to the potential mass teacher exodus and...

Grocery Hoarding Feeds My Control-Needs

“Hmmm, better run to Costco tomorrow. We’re down to our last three frozen pizzas.” Why am I overstocking groceries? One word: CONTROL. Hoarding provides me...

If Not For the Pandemic, Would We’ve Continued Growing Our Family?

"Four kids." Ten years ago, when my husband and I sat side by side in premarital counseling and the counselor asked each of us...

Joining the Dating Scene Again? Making Adult Friends

I’ve decided that making new friends as a parent at age 30 is a lot like dating. My husband and I were together before...

Face to Face with Covid-19

This past weekend, my mom tested positive for Covid-19. The following day my stepdad also tested positive. None of this would have been surprising...

The Battle Over Masks: Can We Do This for Our Kids?

I snapped a picture of our school's approved snack list last night while sitting in my son's meet the teacher night. It struck me...

I Am Hanging on by a Thread

I tend to live in a place of gratitude, I always have, and I always will. That is not to say that I do...

Dear Summer: A Love Letter

Dear Summer,  Welcome back, my long-lost love. You have been missed. The summer of 2020 brought challenges and lessons to be learned. But this year...

This School Year Was Tough On Everyone

No more pencils/ No more books/ No more teacher's dirty looks/ Out for summer/ Out till fall/ We might not come/ Back at all. This...
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